Our Area of Expertise

  • Identifying the most suitable material.
  • Optimizes the part’s wall thicknesses to achieve a uniform filling.
  • Determines the optimal gate location for the part.
  • Identifies and eliminates aesthetic defects such as sink marks, weld lines, and air vents.
  • Achieving optimal weld line placement.
  • Arriving at correct tool layout and runner designs required.
  • Providing complete report which eliminates the expensive process of trial & error.
  • Allows achieving quality injection molded parts at a very first time.

Advantages for Our Customers

  • Improved product quality.
  • Reduction of development time.
  • Reduced efforts during molding trials.
  • Optimized manufacturing processes.
  • The better understanding of the complex rheological and thermal phenomena during molding.
  • Cost savings.
  • Increase of customer satisfaction


Meshing Services

Fusion Mesh, Mid-Plane Mesh and 3D Tetrahedral Mesh We have extensive experience with all Moldflow Mesh types and able to supply other Moldflow...

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Best Gate Location

The Gate Location Analysis is used to recommend injection locations for the part. This analysis works for all analysis technologies and is used as a preliminary...

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Runner Balance Analysis and Optimisation

The Runner System should be designed in such a way that all of the parts finish filling at the same time. This can be achieved by balancing the runner system.

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Fill Analysis

Predict and visualize the flow front progression to see how the mold fills. Determine injection pressure and clamp force requirements. Optimize part...

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Packing Analysis

Packing Analysis can be used to optimize the second stage of the injection molding process to achieve the right balance between part quality, part cost, and cycle time.

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Warpage Analysis

Warp Analysis is used to diagnose the cause of warping and recommend a solution, such as gate location changes, design parameter changes, or reduction of wall thickness variations.

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Fiber Orientation Analysis

Fiber Orientation Analysis shows a layered nature, and are affected by the filling speed, the processing conditions, and material behavior...

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Cooling Analysis

Cooling Analysis is used to evaluate and optimise cooling line design. Analysing the cooling phase can help determine the coolant conditions needed...

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Onsite deputation services

We offer mechanical engineers to work onsite at client place for durations of 6 months and above. We have employees with CAD skills of AutoCAD, ProE...

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