Opptum is one of the fastest growing start-up company in Pune in this industry.

Our low overheads help provide you with cost benefits while maintaining the superior technical effectiveness of a company of 20 years of experience.


We specialize in Moldflow Analysis.


Meshing Services

Fusion Mesh, Mid-Plane Mesh and 3D Tetrahedral Mesh We have extensive experience with all Moldflow Mesh types and able to supply other Moldflow...

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Best Gate Location

The Gate Location Analysis is used to recommend injection locations for the part. This analysis works for all analysis technologies and is used as a preliminary...

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Runner Balance Analysis and Optimisation

The Runner System should be designed in such a way that all of the parts finish filling at the same time. This can be achieved by balancing the runner system.

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Fill Analysis

Predict and visualize the flow front progression to see how the mold fills. Determine injection pressure and clamp force requirements. Optimize part...

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Packing Analysis

Packing Analysis can be used to optimize the second stage of the injection molding process to achieve the right balance between part quality, part cost, and cycle time.

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Warpage Analysis

Warp Analysis is used to diagnose the cause of warping and recommend a solution, such as gate location changes, design parameter changes, or reduction of wall thickness variations.

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Fiber Orientation Analysis

Fiber Orientation Analysis shows a layered nature, and are affected by the filling speed, the processing conditions, and material behavior...

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Cooling Analysis

Cooling Analysis is used to evaluate and optimise cooling line design. Analysing the cooling phase can help determine the coolant conditions needed...

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Onsite deputation services

We offer mechanical engineers to work onsite at client place for durations of 6 months and above. We have employees with CAD skills of AutoCAD, ProE...

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We have the capability to enhance your efficiency by providing resources like Man, Machine, software or combination of all at your facility.


Advanced Technology

Using the latest Autodesk Moldflow Insight 2018 software we have analysed over 1000+ components across industry domains.

Delivery on time

Our strength is to deliver the Moldflow Analysis report to you within three working days, for small and medium size components with high quality standards.

Experienced Engineers

We have a highly experienced & trained combination of Mechanical, Polymer, NTTF and GT&TC Graduate Engineers with hunger to grow attitude.

Experience of over 2 decades

We are proud to say that we have offer series of solutions for design optimization, parts design & molding. Therefore we are first choice major OEM, Tier 1 & Tool Makers.

Specialised for Industries

We specialize in Automotive, FMCG, Medical & the Electronics industries.

Cost optimised Services

Due to our low overheads we could offer cost effective solutions, not only matches, exceed the superior technical effectiveness of the players of 2 decade experience.